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Reviews for "NWAR #2: High Stakes"

this is too funny! very original and great art style. kudos!

I'm definitely watching these out of order; but they are fantastic! You should make a series that ties together. You could definitely make the main character evolve into this huge mystery detective.

Went checking every NWAR after noticing NWAR#4 on front page.
This is top notch, it's rare to find comedy on newgrounds that didn't resort to profanity. Please keep going!

danmarkowitz responds:

Thanks a lot!

those rhymes XD they're perfect

I like the art style and monologue voice over, and all together very impressed, watched the other two immediately after seeing the third one. Just too small suggestions. Sometimes a pun is better off unexplained, although in this it gets pulled off either way, and don't number episodes for too long, you keep new people from watching. Instead of NWAR 14: the Purrfect Cat-tastrify just call it NWAR:the Purrfect Cat-tastrify
Also thanks for making this, I really enjoyed it :)

danmarkowitz responds:

Yeah, I think cutting off the numbering might be a good idea. Thanks!