Reviews for "FAKE"

This is great and all, the colors are good, and those are nice pictures and images but.... there is no animation. They only move there mouths, and things only truly move like once or twice (the bast reaction). Yes Japanese anime has been guilty of this, but things move, they aren't that stiff. so i'll have to give it a 2.5. You have outstanding art direction but its barely an animation considering what actually happens with in the length of time.

good fan fic

I love megaman but..... WHERES THE ACTION?! i thought they were going to fight or something atleast. The animation was barely there, it was just mostly mouth moving, and panning in and out. This would have been much better with action, and english.


great! job buddy! but when you come here try doing this with your own original work. I tired of coming here and seeing stupid pokemon and mario animated craps! when you ome here bring your own original stuff! all this and you still can't get real credit. stop! making other people crap! use you own original characters, all you do here is feed the big people while the little guys keep eating empty plates.