Reviews for "FAKE"

I didn't realize that this was voiced by the cast of Monogatari.
Still, while the art was pretty good, nothing actually happened... so...

This may be liked by all the sega fans, but I didin't like it. Seemed generic. For example in 02:18 I know I seen those same poses atleast fifty times.

Not too bad, however I was really dissapointed in the end. Everything looked good, but most of the animation between copy X and Zero were just their mouths moving. Another thing is the final form, I undestand you wanted to merge the 2 forms, but I think it would have been better if you left him with his first battle form and ended it. Either way I hope you make a sequel to this that centers around the battle, as this "cliffhanger" really makes me want to see the fight between them. (also, do you think you could make the fight between Zero and Weil?)

Very good animation and best series in the franchise to work with. The voices were kind of... odd... but not bad overall. Well done.

Without a scene of the actual battle itself that ensues, this video comes off as incomplete and with no objective-in-plot. The "end episode at beginning of battle" structure is (generally) more appropriate as the preview/trailer, or as an intro episode of a miniseries.

On the other hand, your perseverance in creating this animation is very commendable. My best advice for dealing with project-stress (unless you have deadline from someone) is not to worry about how long the project takes or how quickly you finish, but to ascertain that you'll inevitably succeed in creating your work just as you had envisioned your ideas.