Reviews for "FAKE"

This is a bit too "Anime" for my liking lol, the lines are cheezy, but the japanese Voice actors do make it sound... allright... I guess. I loved the animation quality 10/10 for that, it must have taken a looonnnggg time to achieve that level of animation. I wanted to see at least the start of the fight but you just haaadd to go "Anime" and end it at the good part lol. I liked the suspense.

Overall it's a high quality generic styled Anime.
I liked it

Very nice work! Animating a dramatic track is a cool idea, and you did a great job of capturing the atmosphere of the scene, even if it is typical shonen anime fare. It's clear that you put a lot of effort into this; the backgrounds are ornate and professional, and the characters look great and on-model.

I do have complaints about the animation, though. It's often jagged and rough (like with Copy X's arm gestures), and most of the time there isn't much animation at all. Line art on things that have animation also tends to look uneven, with various degrees of thickness. My biggest gripe, though, is the lip-syncing; when characters talk, their jaw moves way too much, and sometimes even disconnects from the rest of their face a little bit. I also think there are too many distinct frames to the talking mouths, which draws too much attention to them. For me, that was the main aspect of this cartoon prevented it from looking authentic, as mouth movement tends to be a lot less elaborate in this style of anime (or at least that's what I recall it being like).

Despite those issues, it's clear you're a skilled artist. I think you just need to clean up your animated assets a little bit to give it the same level of detail as your still image art.

What? That is all????

Great Animation 7/5, really awesome - almost professional level but generic anime izzibiizy stuff. I'd hate to see Megaman in a generic One Piece/ Naruto/ Bleach/ etc. etc. role.

If I had a dollar for every anime where the characters just stood there and powered up......
But you did a great job...... !! SO gave you 5 on the vote...but only 3 here for the boring-ness.