Reviews for "FAKE"

Awesome! glad to see someone making an animation and taking it seriously. id like to see a bit more reaction/expressions from the reploids though. as well as the others like the resistance and the guardians, showing some of their personalities even with subtle movement.

This is a bit too "Anime" for my liking lol, the lines are cheezy, but the japanese Voice actors do make it sound... allright... I guess. I loved the animation quality 10/10 for that, it must have taken a looonnnggg time to achieve that level of animation. I wanted to see at least the start of the fight but you just haaadd to go "Anime" and end it at the good part lol. I liked the suspense.

Overall it's a high quality generic styled Anime.
I liked it

Unlike some of the recent commenters, I actually paid attention to the fact that this wasn't meant to be an action video and just reated it for what it is. Your flash is good and mimics the style of Megaman Zero very well. The cuts are impressively cinematic (if you made them all yourself rather than sourcing directly from MMZ)

I dont like too much the plot of Megaman Zero, butthis flash really show what type of plot is....Well, 4 stars, not five for a few details, but is an awesome flash for Megaman Fans, a lot of work....

An awsome animation but as GuitarWarriorJack says it's like a trailer of the game, people who play the game series is like a flash back of the game probally a good action, but keep up the good work