Reviews for "FAKE"

absolutely stunning and im so glad you add the background (making of) comments it is truly a testament to animating please please keep up the hard work i loved it im going to start following your submissions

I remember you posted on this deviantart.

Congrats dude and I know that grueling feeling of animating but yet need to challenge yourself to make it look right. Its the same thing with my own animation where I decided to animate seriously and tried to make everything look right and it was painful because I did so many reworks. I hope to see more from you when you feel the need to animate again.

You deserve a pat in the back.

This was beautiful! Not to complain, as I know you must've struggled to create this, I wish you'd been able to animate a fight scene too, just to amp this up to the next level! Nonetheless, this was masterful :)
4.5/5, 5/5.

Your comment.....is inspiring. You doubted yourself, believing that you weren't good enough to make great art, but you still moved forward. Now here you are proving yourself wrong. Words like yours can really make others feel better about themselves. Maybe someday, even I can create something amazing.

There are no words to explain how awesome this is