Reviews for "FAKE"


Awesome work! The visuals are stunning, not always that animated, but the panning cameras make it seem like there is always some kind of motion anyway. The audio's flawless, graphics fit it perfectly. I'm not a Megaman fan (probably would be if I'd grown up with it) but this was a great watch. Glad you didn't give up on the dream!


Awesomely done!!

This is great and all, the colors are good, and those are nice pictures and images but.... there is no animation. They only move there mouths, and things only truly move like once or twice (the bast reaction). Yes Japanese anime has been guilty of this, but things move, they aren't that stiff. so i'll have to give it a 2.5. You have outstanding art direction but its barely an animation considering what actually happens with in the length of time.

Daily.... DAILY 2ND!?
Goddammit, you lost to that other animation just because it's Pokemon and comedy, and as everyone knows everyone mostly only likes comedy on Newgrounds.. and also no one has made an animation out of Twitch Plays yet... BUT it wasn't even that funny ._.
You deserved that first place, the animation is gorgeous, and the coloring in every frame... wow, the time you must've put into that.
I hope you get the weekly 1st place, if people can realize how much better this is than some random Pokemon/Mario/Zelda/Whatever other license parody that we get ALL THE TIME on Newgrounds.
This was amazing. Fav'ed, I give you 5 stars (which I never do btw, just so you know) and I hope you get a weekly 1st or whatever, because this is the best animation I saw in a while. [damn, I love your colors *-*]
When you see how Twitch Draws got 1st (even though I don't hate on that animation, it was okay, but the animation was minimalist, it was black and white, and the comedic value was meh), you see how much of an advantage Comedy and Parodies of big licenses have on Newgrounds. I want more serious stuff like this =<
Again, congrats, I love it!