Reviews for "FAKE"

That was incredible. I love the MMX series, naimly the main line, but I won't complain about someone making a movie, especially on newgrounds, that isnt some lame parody. Keep up the hard work.

i really enjoyed this. Hope to see more from you.

Awesome! glad to see someone making an animation and taking it seriously. id like to see a bit more reaction/expressions from the reploids though. as well as the others like the resistance and the guardians, showing some of their personalities even with subtle movement.

Absolutely amazing. There's just no other way to describe it.

Sure, part of me would have loved to see more action, but what you already did was beyond what I could hope for.

great! job buddy! but when you come here try doing this with your own original work. I tired of coming here and seeing stupid pokemon and mario animated craps! when you ome here bring your own original stuff! all this and you still can't get real credit. stop! making other people crap! use you own original characters, all you do here is feed the big people while the little guys keep eating empty plates.