Reviews for "FAKE"

Great Animation 7/5, really awesome - almost professional level but generic anime izzibiizy stuff. I'd hate to see Megaman in a generic One Piece/ Naruto/ Bleach/ etc. etc. role.

0.0 this is so epic think you can pull an English version on there voice perhaps but also love this it was rely epic

So you finally show yourself at Newgrounds! Well, what a better place and time to show up!

And yeah, I like Mega Man Zero Series the best! perhaps no seriously, but it's my favorite saga of all megamans


Loving the Megaman Zero Games myself, I loved your animation man! I know it mustve been pretty hard to do all of this stuff as well as you did!! The scenes were pretty epic, and animation fluid (besides the initial crash of the rocks when the pillars started falling around FAKEx and Zero, colors were great and vibrant, like the series itself. Subtitles were nice, all was good except for the choice in music perhaps, I remember the series having great music, you made good picks for the scenes for sure, but perhaps could've fit something more gnarly in there.. That's my only stretch. Overall, great animation!
And that's without any punches being thrown!
10/10 - GIRFAN