Reviews for "FAKE"

great animation great music
if this was long movie i would pay for it!

Dude, Good job. Reminds me of playing Megaman Z back on the GBA so much. Games were so hard yet so much fun. Keep up the awesome work, and no matter what the lower ratings say, I'm here to tell you, that you did an awesome job.

I love megaman but..... WHERES THE ACTION?! i thought they were going to fight or something atleast. The animation was barely there, it was just mostly mouth moving, and panning in and out. This would have been much better with action, and english.

This was a very impressive animation.

I have a couple of minor complaints about the animation, though. The animation seemed quite stiff, almost as if most of the cartoon was just still images, which it isn't.

I just kind of wished the animation flowed more, and gave more of a sense of life in these characters, despite the fact that these are Mega-Man X characters.

But other than those very minor flaws in the animation department, this excels in music, voice-acting, (depending if that's original or from one of the games) and theme.

I, myself, am not very familiar with the Mega-Man franchise, as I have not played very many Mega-Man games, and I have never played any the Mega-Man X games, so I'm kinda in the dark with this one.

A fantastic Mega-Man cartoon all-around that actually isn't a parody, huh, now that's rare.

Great job, mate!

This animaton is really amazing, I like how the characters spoke in Japanese.