Reviews for "FAKE"

I loved this. Thought it was awesome. Have always wanted to see a Megaman Zero animation that was at least half decent. I'd say you blew it out of the water.

You speak of passion for animating. I'd say you have a lot of it. Don't lose that. I really like your work. Honestly I think you could make a series out of this and I'd support the crap out of it. Huge fan of the Megaman Zero games.

One thing that kind of killed it for me though is Zero's voice sounded like it was far away. Didn't quite fit right.

Next one I want to see Zero vs Harpuia!

This is a bit too "Anime" for my liking lol, the lines are cheezy, but the japanese Voice actors do make it sound... allright... I guess. I loved the animation quality 10/10 for that, it must have taken a looonnnggg time to achieve that level of animation. I wanted to see at least the start of the fight but you just haaadd to go "Anime" and end it at the good part lol. I liked the suspense.

Overall it's a high quality generic styled Anime.
I liked it

okay it's awesome. for some reason i remember when i for first time play megaman x for the snes and when i play megaman zero for the gba, but that not the point i thinki only it's awesome so said that i love this video XD and would like to see more about it.

I really need to buy the rest of those games.
Great job, really! I liked how you included all of the characters throughout the series.

Oh man, please not more of this anime stereotype with megaman like characters, I liked the art and thats it maybe you should use Sonic look alikes next time to get more 5 star reviews -.-