Reviews for "Keep An Eye"

This game got more content and depth than AAA titles released nowadays, it totally toats ma goats!

ArcadeHero responds:

Thanks a lot immor7al!
We glad you like it :)

Waow. It's been a while I didn't review a game. But as there was a true effort in this one, and it was so enjoyable to play, I'll do it ! Hope I remember how to do so...

The first thing that striked me were the menus, which look really smooth, and epured, which is a great thing, next to the cool illustrations and the music (that couldn't loop a bit better, but which is pretty nice). This very first impression gave me a feeling of control and humility, which had been totally checked the more I played the game.
That's what I enjoyed, particularly in a game you're "supposed" to die a lot, that it doesn't lose time making unnecessary animations or cinematics. Here, you click start, you have a pseudo-story (which seems to be here, let's be honnest, only to justify the presence of the eye and to say that you've got a story, ha ha), and a very short tutorial. That's perfectly well dosed. You die, or you hit R, you respawn immediately. There are no ending animation that wouldn't be needed, etc. That, to me, is a sign of someone who knows, how a game works, and what players expect. So props for that.

About the game itself, I found it very enjoyable. It seemed pretty hard at first, because of the balance of the eye, but once you completed the game a first time, you realize that it's very fluid, and not that hard to handle and master. And that's because of the programming. DimmedLight, you definitely did an amazing job here. The mecanics, are truely perfect. The speed of the game is wonderfully dosed, and the difficulty, as it increase very reasonnably along the game, suits me very well. Not too hard, but enough to make the last medal a real challenge.

I also wanted to congrat you about the exploitation you made of all the different little helping dudes, and their different powers. Combining them inside the same level was obviously good, but consecrating some levels to one kind of power exclusively was very smart. This way, I didn't got bored at all. On the contrary, I got a lot of pleasure to finish this little flash game several times.

The star system (with the first hit not punished) and the achievements bring a very appreciated replay value to it, so once again, you did a great job, showing you know gamers and giving them what they want (at least what I want, he he).

If I had some negative points to give, I could say that the story was very light (but who cares ?) and could have been propped up by some drawings. The artist made nice stuff here, so you could have exploited him a bit more ;)
Also, I would suggest you to allow the X key at the very beginning, even if introducing on level 8. Because, when you finish the game a first time, it's destabilizing not to have access to it on the first 7 levels when you got used to it.

To sum up... I want to adress to the team a big and sincere BRAVO. In my humble and personal opinion, this game was really really great. Good job, and I hope to see more from you guys in the future !

ArcadeHero responds:

Wow! What a great review :)
Thank you so much from our team!
We glad that you enjoy "Keep an Eye".
Hope you like our upcoming game :)
And I hope you enjoy a sequel little bit later :D

It's an entertaining game, and very hard!

ArcadeHero responds:

Thanks for playing ComicD :)

This game is gay lol!

ArcadeHero responds:

It's silly man.
Can you describe your opinion?

Just a brilliant puzzle and skill game.

-Game play was innovative but easily learned
-Sounds and music added to the game
-A tad short but enjoyable

Looking forward to a sequel, hope you are able to add a level editor!

ArcadeHero responds:

Another great feedback :)
Thank you for playing and for your time!
I hope we'll add it.