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Reviews for "Attack on Pikmin"

What the fuck, man?

lol nice

Hey, man. I see you have uploaded a "new" 'toon to NewGrounds, I see. Well, I guess I should review it then.

I am the kind of guy that doesn't enjoy games like Pikmin because I have never been very good at strategy games, ever. I tried playing Pikmin 1, but failed miserably from my failure at thinking strategically. I tried playing Pikmin 3, and I actually enjoyed it for a while, but then got bored later on in the game. Pikmin is just one of those series of games that I love, but does not love me back.

And then there's Attack on Titan, my anime of 2013. It is, in my opinion, one of the best anime shows I have seen right next to FLCL, One Piece, and Mad Bull 34. It is intelligent, interesting, and it has a great premise that has held up well so far.

What do you do when you combine these two almost scarily similar franchises together? You get an internet cartoon by an animator who really loves Dark Souls and butts by the name of Jeremy.

I gotta say, it's great to see something from you on this site! It feels like years since the last thing you did on this site, and what a comeback! Though, I kinda wish you did something at least slightly different for the NewGrounds version like you did for that Maro & Loogi cartoon you did a while back. But, despite that very, extremely minor complaint, you did good, man.

Ever since I watched your "Shadow of the Animators" Flash cartoon, I've been attracted to your work like a fat dude stuck to the couch. Hell, I've even stalked you on Twatter just for good measure so I can stick very closely to your ass.

Thank you, for inspiring me to become a slightly better person than I am now.

TerminalMontage responds:

Thank you Retro :) I'm glad you like my work, and that I have inspired you! I'd like to upload to NG more, but my videos these days are few and far between.

And I remember you mentioning the M&L video and its subtle differences. I considered at least putting a thumbnail video of my latest M&L cartoon in these credits since I just uploaded that to youtube.. But, I've been lazy P: Thanks again!