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Reviews for "Shybot"

There are few small things, like strange falling down on shifting sand or that there's not checkpoint before second boss, which I found annoying, yet I think that you did VERY GOOD job.

Makes me wanna play good-old Pokémon. I like pixelated graphics and platforming games.
But I'm kind of tired of this model, two stages of tutorial moving, introducing enemies and so on... looks like a book. And this bullying theme seems to be everywhere.
But the game is really good, really. You seem to mix many things which are good in a platformer.
Just some ideas: if a spikebot seems so friendly, he shouldn't hurt me if I just walk past them, only if I jump on their heads, at least in my opinion. I also had to kill one of them because of that, and that's mean. Also, his legs looks like they are going to crumble anytime. And finally, to my dumbness, I didn't find out what the fixbot was for, he didn't seem to fix my missing lives.
I enjoyed it much, thanks!!

Nice one!

Except for the spike parts, pretty manageable :-)

i haven't finished the entire game yet, so i don't know if things change for better or worse later on, but i dig what i've seen so far! while i have not played it through completely, i feel i've seen enough to form some sort of opinion.

everything seems to tie together well in terms of tone and theme, i'm a SUCKER for the music, the graphics are clean and charming, the animation is pretty smooth, the controls are very simple and the way you learn them is pretty nice. it's good fun from what i've seen.

the biggest problems i have are mostly with the character. he's extremely melodramatic, but perhaps at the end of the game he matures and learns things! i don't know! it seems like he does and i'm sure counting on it!
it's more with his jumps i have a problem with, really. they're extremely high for what looks like a very simple and cute bot! and for seemingly no reason, but to reiterate i haven't played through the entire game.

but otherwise this is a very charming game so far! i'm quite happy with it.

Overall pretty fun.

I didn't like the storyline of the robot being made fun of so it went to a different planet. I thought that was kinda stupid.

It ended a bit too abruptly. I was expecting more from the very end, like a longer walk to the final boss or an actual fight with the boss after releasing it from its cocoon thing, but it just kinda ended. I was also hoping to utilize the healing orb in future levels, but I only got the chance to use it once.

(NOTE: I didn't understand how the healing orb guy worked until after I beat the game. It glows white after you touch a save box. Then the next time you're injured you can touch the orb once to regain one block of health.)

I was also hoping to play through some of the previous levels after beating the game with my new healing orb guy, but after refreshing and pressing Continue, I realized that I couldn't go back the way I came, so I was just left with the hive level and the main boss level.

Aside from those points, I was happy with the game. Pretty good platformer with an appealing art style.