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Reviews for "Shybot"

Needs a savepoint by the second boss.

I like the graphics. Also like the particle animation when hitting rock surface. Didn't like the story nor my robot character. Also didn't like the hit boxes. Found no issues with jumping.

a really successful game,has excited me immediately!keep it up,Skudge!

Awesome game. Really addicting. Only downside is the lack of a savepoint before the second boss. Since you have to travel so far just to get to him, the chances of meeting him with full health is rather small, unlike the first boss who had a savepoint directly before the encounter. I really enjoy the color styling as well. It reminds me of the old school Gameboy games.

Music totally appropried, descent background story, and excellent graphism.
Man, thank you so much : you took me back to the best hours of my childhood, the holy time when
i was playing Gameboy.