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Reviews for "Shybot"

Makes me wanna play good-old Pokémon. I like pixelated graphics and platforming games.
But I'm kind of tired of this model, two stages of tutorial moving, introducing enemies and so on... looks like a book. And this bullying theme seems to be everywhere.
But the game is really good, really. You seem to mix many things which are good in a platformer.
Just some ideas: if a spikebot seems so friendly, he shouldn't hurt me if I just walk past them, only if I jump on their heads, at least in my opinion. I also had to kill one of them because of that, and that's mean. Also, his legs looks like they are going to crumble anytime. And finally, to my dumbness, I didn't find out what the fixbot was for, he didn't seem to fix my missing lives.
I enjoyed it much, thanks!!

The goo bot/bucket/follower thing says "Bonk me for repairs" but.. how? You can't touch the thing at all. You don't really need it either; after you get it, you just jump up a vertical shaft (okay, fighting off the spikebots was a little tricky) and then you fight the last boss, which is ridiculously easy. After the difficulty of the hive, I was expecting a second stage. All it is is pushing a bouncing ball into spikes without getting zapped in intervals.

I actually liked the art style. I think it matched the game pretty well. The story was a bit superfluous, but I like the way it was told. I had quite a bit of fun with this, even though it's a bit short and simple for a 'metroidvania' game.

When I started playing, I felt like this game was awesome. As I continued onward, I find myself frustrated... and not in a good way. What is the purpose of having to run back to the place of death over and over? The game seems to ask for perfection going through an obstacle course more than puzzle. I also found myself just killing myself on purpose if I was nicked by a spike by accident because it is too punishing not to go into a boss fight with full points when there is such a great gap between a save point and boss. I haven't finished the game... but I don't plan to. :(

Its lagging a bit to be honest

Yet another metroidvania that relies only on precision jumping and avoiding horrible hit-boxes. The drill only works for opening paths, it can kill some bots but you have to be standing still by them before using it, rendering it useless for offense. For a metroidvania the map feels too linear, there is no upgrades or incentive to go back to previous areas. Difficulty in the game seem to increase only by level of spikes and distance between save points. Other than having bosses with unique mechanics and moving platforms this game feels like its lacking the game-play altering mechanics of the its type.