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Reviews for "Shybot"

Overall I liked it enough to beat it, so that's something. The first boss was by far the hardest trying to figure out how to get the button to pop up so I could hit him and trying to recover so as not to get nailed after the hit. The second boss I got kind of lucky and figured out how to get him after to tried but I'd have had him in much less time than the first. The last boss, if you can call it that, was ridiculously easy and the ending was very much a let down. For a short game though I had fun with it. I always love exploring, finding something that let's me enter new areas and such. I can see the metroid part kinda, but I don't see how this really has anything to do with Castelvania besides the fact that you jump on platforms and attack enemies with a very limited range.


Absolutely fantastic. I love everything about it

Overall pretty fun.

I didn't like the storyline of the robot being made fun of so it went to a different planet. I thought that was kinda stupid.

It ended a bit too abruptly. I was expecting more from the very end, like a longer walk to the final boss or an actual fight with the boss after releasing it from its cocoon thing, but it just kinda ended. I was also hoping to utilize the healing orb in future levels, but I only got the chance to use it once.

(NOTE: I didn't understand how the healing orb guy worked until after I beat the game. It glows white after you touch a save box. Then the next time you're injured you can touch the orb once to regain one block of health.)

I was also hoping to play through some of the previous levels after beating the game with my new healing orb guy, but after refreshing and pressing Continue, I realized that I couldn't go back the way I came, so I was just left with the hive level and the main boss level.

Aside from those points, I was happy with the game. Pretty good platformer with an appealing art style.

what does it mean that the final boss has the siluette of a girl or human???
the game do is hard, 5/5!! ;D