Reviews for "Shybot"

So far the game's pretty darn good and challenging. Yeah the hitbox was difficult to adapt to...

But my only real gripes is the "POINT OF NO RETURN" so I was 1 goo-ball away from getting all 5. -.-; Why did you do that without warning?
And my 2nd gripe is the boss music... it's too peaceful of tune for something trying to crush ya.

But other than that, good game. 4.5 stars.

I have encountered a bug just one time but not a big deal..
BTW i really loved the chiptune theme. I really want to download it. When will you give us a download link of it?

Really like the game design, the pixel graphics, the intuitive controls, simple interface, story that progresses as you move along, transitions between rooms... it's all awesome. The only thing I'm missing is more space, areas feel somewhat closed in and you don't real feel that freedom of exploration that you could feel, probably because there's always a roof above your head, always a wall one side... at least as far in as I'd played.

The darker areas on the wall tiles sometimes look like they are part of the background, so I tried walking into walls for a while at the start, maybe the borders could be clearer on some locations. But all in all it's an awesome experience; I'll be playing through it all eventually. Appreciate the save feature, the colors are a kick of nostalgia and remind me of old GB consoles... the music's catchy 8bit, it's great. Nice work!


I'll give this game a second try when you put a save point anywhere within a mile of the second boss.

Bounding box issues make this game more frustrating than fun, especially when it comes to the anti-logic first boss with his impossibly efficient square wheels and ability to float over holes.

The color scheme similar to the old brick Gameboy is cool, but not needed. It could have easily been in NES or Gameboy Color style.

The spike enemies seem more like robots than 'critters', and should have only been dangerous to land on. I am really getting sick of the spikes-are-dangeous-from-the-side oversight that is far too often made these days. And I don't want to hear 'That's how it's always been' or 'It's so much work'. If it could be done in Sonic the Hedgehog and countless other classics, it can be done anywhere else. Leaving spikes deadly from the side is just plain lazy and annoying.

Health power ups would be nice. If there are, I didn't find any before giving up. I would hope you aren't expected to go through the entire game with 3 hit points. One before the boss would make it more bearable, or at least a more forgiving bounding box so that I'm not taking damage when my robot's pixels come to close to the boss's top front corner.

The bounding box of the player character in any game should be as small as possible. I even recommend making it smaller than the character sprite in most cases.

Some context to the opening cut scene would have been nice. Why does everyone hate him? He couldn't be that much different from the others. He's a simplistically designed robot.