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Reviews for "Shybot"

Great game! The art and the soundtrack are both excellent.
I liked the feel of the jumping, and even though the mechanics were pretty basic, they worked well enough.
There level design seemed kind of basic, and I kind of wished there was a map, as well... however, these are only minor nitpicks for an overall very good game :)


The poor bot! Is that why he became so shy? If shy bot said that he didn't need anyone, tan why are there spike bots? How do we finish the game and WHAT'S WITH THE GIANT FALLING ROCKS!!!??? That gets me every time... Shy bot has a personality that no one can understand because he's so shy that he flew a rocket even though he didn't know how to fly it and said that he needed nobody. That's shyer then I am. Poor thing.

This game has so much charm and personality. I don't know why, but maybe its the gameboy feel I'm getting, but I feel like I have some nostalgia toward this game. The game seems like a mix of super mario land and metroid. The music reminds me an 8-bit version of minecraft's music. Im still playing the game, but this is amazing. Nice job. five stars.

It will not load for me!!!!!