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Reviews for "Shybot"

I love these tiny GB style games.

Is it just me, or do the hitboxes seem off? Top and bottom, specifically, like when I'm walking from platform to spikes and about to jump off it. Or when I bump my head on spikes with a rather soft jump.

Can you get any medals from this game?

The inbetween the save points are very annoying. The pace of the game doesn't help at all either.

Fun, awesomely dreamy game! If this is where your new work is going, I am all in. Much better than anything else you have produced thus far. Great homage to the GB games of yesteryear with some really cute, easily playable characters. The challenges of this game could be more "action packed", but currently it offers a simple exploratory experience. Would love to see a map, maybe more incentives per room/level. Thanks, hope to see more!