Reviews for "FamousPaintings Parodies4"

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Very Awesome

Enjoyed it

I've enjoyed the series so far, and I believe there is a fifth one coming soon to complete the set of 150?

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This series is a good rebuffer if you have any interest in classic art.

Munguia responds:

Thank you for play and review my game, this is special edition, this one dont contain the canvas paintings, i made this one with ink drawings, those are like 400, for the 5th episode the paintings are back to be 120, for the 6th another 30 paintings it will be the set of 150, then i can make FPP 7 and 8 with already ink drawings, and of course theres is the posibility to make Famous Sculptures Parodies too.

Another great entry in the series! I really liked this, because it further tested my knowledge of paintings. It was also made better by how easy it was for me to get medals, hee hee. Everything seemed so organized here. I appreciate the funny drawings in themselves. It's one of the nicer things in Stencyl Jam.

I see this winning as it does in fact have Daily Feature. The music's pretty good too. It reminds me of "The Far Side" with the use of cows and everything. It helps I know most of these guys already. It's just an enjoyable game.