Reviews for "FamousPaintings Parodies4"

This game is so perfect, very educational and enjoyable, you did great work on it. I played all the previous episodes now, so where I can find the fifth episode?

Munguia responds:

Thanks QusaiSnake, it coming soon 5th episode, im glad you like them, :)

Game roooooocks!!!

Nice game, but what the hell was that music?

Great game! I myself don't know much about art, so it's obvious I didn't do that good my first time around, but I did okay, I got about 14 from guessing :p. But, as I went on, I started to learn more about the paintings, and by the end, I had all the medals, and I even knew a bit about paintings. So , great game!

I must say, I really enjoyed this game! I've always been a big lover of art, and knowing that I got so many right was quite satisfying. I will certainly be playing this again!

I loved the parodies, they were clever and often very funny! I think my favourite was "Good Bye Kitty" but it is hard to choose! And since there seems to be 3 previous games of the same name, I will be trying those as well! And I hope I can get all of the trophies eventually!