Reviews for "Dawg Dayz/ Making The Gra"

A 3.8?
You gotta be kidding me..
This is a good animation. Sound/music/drawings/writing is all there.
The frames are on the low side. but it's not even a thing.
Keep this up. I want to see more. Good work.

Not half bad, not half bad at all, its pretty good actually, not much on the funny side, but still pretty good.

Really nice animation, great colors. Like the feel of it... I just think the voice actors needs to be a lil' bit more in their character. Apart from that, it's great!

Quite liked it actually - it reminds me of the style to the Gorillaz vids :)

I love the voice acting, the colors, and the backgrounds. Overall, the art is really pleasant to look at. The humor, however, was a bit heavy on the stereotypes for my taste. There wasnt any misdirection or surprises to be had, the humor almost entirely relied on us finding mexicans and homosexuals funny. However, I think if you were to work a little harder on future scripts, you'd have an excellent little series on your hands.

PXLPIR8 responds:

Thanks for the honest feedback Mutantcircus. We are totally aware of where this pilot falls short, which is why we've started the Kickstarter campaign. The Original script was written by the creator. We currently have 3 new scripts written by professional comedy writers that are amazing. Weve done a ton of development since we've finished this pilot and now we are ready to kick ass and take names. We just need to raise the funds to make our 1st REAL episode. Thanks again for your comments and be sure to follow us on FB. https://www.facebook.com/DawgDayzLA