Reviews for "Ziva"

Great challenging game! love it :-)

If you hold > and press < you do the moonwalk! (:
Great game, i get mad at level 13!!!

This is a really good puzzle game. Completely logic driven, but with difficulty toward the end that stems from having to think about the levels in ways that the human brain (at least mine) doesn't normally see things. It's a good sign when most of the negative comments about a logic game are that it's too complicated and tough to figure out.

I agree with one of Akatsuki's comments -- it would help to have the character move a little faster (right clicking and changing the quality to low helped some for me, but not as much as I'd have liked).

very ingenious puzzles !
last puzzle took me forever.
enjoyed very much

the only criticism is that it took me awhile to understand how to play it, almost gave up at first.

Wow.... you made this game tricky. I'm still working through it.