Reviews for "Ziva"

This is a really good puzzle game. Completely logic driven, but with difficulty toward the end that stems from having to think about the levels in ways that the human brain (at least mine) doesn't normally see things. It's a good sign when most of the negative comments about a logic game are that it's too complicated and tough to figure out.

I agree with one of Akatsuki's comments -- it would help to have the character move a little faster (right clicking and changing the quality to low helped some for me, but not as much as I'd have liked).

Very challenging and well programmed.

Pretty challenging yet fun game with a cool concept.
The music is also a pleasure to listen to while conquering the levels.
It does get rather challenging later on, but the difficulty is welcome.
A couple things that could make this game even more fun is if there were a level editor for users to upload their own creations, and a medal earning system as extra incentive to play the game until the end.
Other than that, this is a great game.
Keep up the good work!

Becomes tiring, and simple.

-How slow he moves really takes away from it being a puzzle game..
-You're adding too many abilities throughout the first couple of levels. Give me room to breathe.
-Fairly simple, so it's still the same puzzle gamer.

If i were you..
-Create different worlds with different abilities that you center around (Copying blocks, copying yourself, breaking blocks, etc.)
-Faster walking
-Throw in something in the background
-Want to add some history/story?
Not much wrong with it, just.. normal.

Other than that, what really separates it from other puzzles? Try to emphasize that point in the game.
Don't tell me, show me.

Trying to make a platformer, okay.Trying to make a platformer 8 bit style, interesting.Trying to make a platformer that has over complicated tech references merged into the game? No thanks, I'll pass.