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Reviews for "Civ Wars 2"

fun freaking game dudes


Love the first civilization not even too sure if i beat it yet cause it gets really hard i spent days on it. This game however I beat in a couple of hours. Kinda let down by the difficulty of normal mode. I started playing hard and realized it's just as easy and stopped. Let's see what civ 3 has to offer

It's fine, but gets really repetitive over time

Story elements are important but not as important as others are removing credit for. As for the sexist statement: I guess by those standards Mario is a terrible game as is Zelda and every Final Fantasy game out there. Hahaa. I guess my idea of story is that you can simply skip the story if it's not engaging to you. Flash games typically don't have impressive story lines anyways. I'm a platform gamer primarily but I've played flash games for years and in my opinion, story line is a cherry. Sure cherries are nice and tasty but they only make up a small part of the cake and the flavor of the cake is virtually unaltered by simply not adding it. Some of my favorite games on this site I've never even read the story. But, being the Final Fantasy player that I am, I love a GOOD story but not having one only makes me pay more attention to the game.

I do agree with a few of the reviews in the idea that it is repetitive but that's not by biggest complaint. My biggest complaint is that there is no actual customization. You level up as the game allows you to level up so there is no possibility of developing your own strategy. I.e. I've always been a fan of high speed and high attack/critical and low hp/defense (ninja style). This kind of unbalanced game play certainly has it's advantages and disadvantages but the point is that that's MY style. Customization is important because it allows the player to invest them self into the game play. It makes it much more engaging.

A lot of the appeal to strategy games is having multiple different strategies to choose from instead of the idea of learn the game play and learn the one strategy required to win then rinse and repeat. It's impossible to lose once you've even become slightly adept at the game system posing no real challenge, just a lot of clicking and dragging.

My final complaint is that this game play idea has been before numerous times. If you look at my favorites, I have a game on it that is like it but it is soooo much more in depth and challenging. The biggest appeal to me in that game though is it's originality. Although the play style has been done before, it's never been done like that thus it has a separation that this one doesn't. I was excited to see leveling up but it's not actually leveling up if the game dictates the order that you can do it and there is only 6 criteria to level up. More level ups and the ability to personalize your army would make this game unique and 10 times better.

My review is coming from about 45 minutes of game play so that's about the best factor here. This occupied my time for 45 minutes but I'd say only about 20 minutes was fun and the other 25 was me hoping that there was more. And yes, I unlocked a lot of game modes and no they didn't make me any happier about playing.

----- 2.5/5 -----