Reviews for "Dino Shift 2"

Decent game, puzzles and music. The only thing that really screws this up for me is the lack of sharpness with the color-switch mechanism. It just doesn't switch fast enough, sadly.

Good sequel, though it seems like medals are not working right

You should think about the qwertz keyboarders, not just the qwerty

Good graphics but not really a fan of a few aspects. First of all, the medals don't seem to be unlocking. In game it says that I have some unlocked, but it's not unlocking the NG medals. Also there's a few bugs that make the game difficult to play. Sometimes when I land on the corner of a block it kills me when it shouldn't. Also sometimes when I jump in the air the character gets stuck in the jumping animation.

I liked this game. I admit that I do think it was a bit too cutesy, but still quite good. The best part was probably how nice the colors were. It's nice to be in a happy little world like this. I even like the little sounds the dinosaur makes. I think I can remember the first one.

I usually review numbered sequels when the first was popular. It's nice to see happy little blocks. They even look funny when they know they are doomed. I just put two tiles in the level editor. That was enough to get the medal.