Reviews for "Dino Shift 2"

Still trying to figure out all of the cheats. I have
G-G-G-G-G Sentry Gargoyle
G-B-P-G-B Party Time

Tyler responds:

We were hoping people would try to figure them out haha. Hope you find em

Very good! The level designer was simple but still very good. The levels were solid and fun.

Good game and graphic in the child cartoon style. My main problems were that the color switch weren't always sharp and a few times the controls would get stuck moving left or right, which is quite frequent in flash games.

One thing that I liked was the option to remap the controls in the setting page. Which make all those complains about keyboard setting a moot point since if you didn't like how it was mapped you can change it.

nice idea.

Please keep in mind that not everyone knows how to switch his keyboard layout to englisch (I am german, I do know how to do so, but others dont). This results in having "z" and "y" reverted, so it actually is "yxc" instead of "zxc". Maybe let people simply use z with the same function as y, this would fix the problem in this game for all german users ;)

very cute, and the puzzles are awesome, keep it up ^w^