Reviews for "Mega Parody X"

This argument seems to explain why X and Zero weren't ever on-screen at the same time in X4. Lol

ManaDragonS responds:

I've never thought about that! Haha, that makes total sense! XD

And thus, the charcters switch between X and Zero was born..
lul xD
btw, loved the gutsman reference there. It went wayy back =P


Looks great man, looks like a different creature than when you started... You definitely picked up some new things. XD
The credit was a bit of a surprise, but I'm glad I could help.

ManaDragonS responds:

Aww thanks man! You're too kind!

this surprisingly explains everything

ManaDragonS responds:

I know right! :D

The start of a new X game in a nutshell.

ManaDragonS responds:

Haha exactly man! :D now I can understand once or twice, but it took until x5 before he decided to keep an armor on standby.