Reviews for "PinPunisher"

This a pretty fun game still needs some work on the strange background but real good

Fun game you have here, its sorta like a mix between plinko and pinball, and I like what you did with the medals and the scoreboard because it adds more replay value. One thing that could be improved is the animation, it is terrible, but besides that its an okay game.

You know, it's a work in progress. But for that it is really enjoyable, and just keep on improving it. I would love to see the next stage playable!

medals did not work, finish desert and the one for the black hole in desert. be nice if game had a save point so i do not have to replay. 3 stars

kasehaussoftware responds:

Thank you for your feedback. We've been working on fixing the medals. A save point sounds like a great feature to implement as well.

Good Game, a nice take on Pinball, i was enjoying my game UNTIL my ball got stuck, i was on the secret desert level (found in the 3rd or 4th level (black hole top left was #7 i think))
i took 2 pics of the ball being stuck and posted them here http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa75/r3mix3r2/1.jpg and the 2nd pic here http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa75/r3mix3r2/2.jpg
this is so you can see where the ball got stuck .. it was moving pretty slow at the time and i think it just "balanced" there....
My 2nd gripe with the game is this ... if you shoot the ball and don't shoot hard enough.. the ball comes back down the chute and spends a lot of time bouncing before you can re-shoot the ball.. this could use a fix of some sort .. either detecting a bad shoot and stopping the ball dead so you can re-shoot .. or allowing the player to be hitting the shoot button anytime they want to so when the ball stops bouncing they have it ready... or devise a different shooting mech .. an actual pullback plunger would be a nice addition to the game and make it feel more realistic.

My final gripe is this .. when you press the red button to launch if you hold the button down the green gauge moves up but only gets about 2/3rds up and then stops .. this need to go all the way to the top.

Thanks for a unique take on pinball .. really enjoyable till my ball got stuck :)


kasehaussoftware responds:

thanks a ton for your feedback and the screenshots. We'll get to fixing these bug/annoyances as soon as possible and we hope to make the experience more enjoyable for you in the future.

We greatly appreciate and consider all of the feedback that we are given. This helps us make our games more enjoyable and playable for everyone!