Reviews for "PinPunisher"

Fun game you have here, its sorta like a mix between plinko and pinball, and I like what you did with the medals and the scoreboard because it adds more replay value. One thing that could be improved is the animation, it is terrible, but besides that its an okay game.

There's too much wrong about this: The "animated environment" consists partially of a moving camel's head...
There's a bug in the 3rd(4th?) underwater level, where you bounce back when you hit the anvil and get stuck between the white pins.
Where's the restart/repeat button?
This - to me - is just a work in progress.

kasehaussoftware responds:

Thank you for your feedback. This is our first game developed with this engine and submitted to Newgrounds. It's a learning process for us.

I will check into the possibility of the ball getting stuck on the 4th underwater stage.
I think a restart / reset button is a great idea, and we will code one in.

This a pretty fun game still needs some work on the strange background but real good