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Reviews for "Father to Son"

The simplicity of the animation was just what it shoulve been. gg Brewster.

Brewster responds:


lip syncing is stellar

Brewster responds:

cool thanks!!

Great work! I enjoyed the random background things. (triangles, spirals, and retangles) *oh my* The converstation was silly, very funny.

Brewster responds:


Sometimes I wonder if people on NG smoke something more than just weed.

Brewster responds:

Woah nice drug joke man gooood one!!

I'd like to say that this is weird and unsettling, and I don't know if it's supposed to mean anything.
That being said, I'd also like to call you stupid, because I have nothing better to do.
Also, you are an idiot.
But cool video.
As an addendum I will quote newgrounds clause of whatever:
"Remember, you're submitting a REVIEW for this CONTENT. This isn't a place for you to make smug jokes, post stupid nonsense, or act like a total jerk. "
Have a good day, mister uploader.

Brewster responds:

Youre doing gods work