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Reviews for "Father to Son"

This was so painfully awkward.... and brilliant.

Brewster responds:

Thanks friend

I really like the humor in this. It also has an art style that I haven't really seen in character design. lol Pomegranate heads

Brewster responds:

Thanks yeah pomegranates have had a bigger influence on me than most people realize.

I think what I enjoy most about your submissions is that you are constantly experimenting with different styles and techniques. Your voices always crack me up as well. You seem very comfortable in front of the mic... not as easy as ppl think..

Great job, dude.

Brewster responds:

Hey thanks man!

I don't often like giving out 5's, I like to save those for submissions that really deserve it.

This is such a submission.

Interesting and well done animation paired with witty writing that took me on a comedic trip that wasn't going to an obvious conclusion.

Fantastic job.

Brewster responds:

Ah thanks a bunch

The humor in this was so dry I couldn't help but lose my shit. Funniest video I've seen in a long time

Brewster responds:

thats great to hear thanks