Reviews for "FamousPaintings Parodies3"

Pretty good game, i appreciate that you put Spanish as an option, i don't know much about paintings, but the few i know, i only know their names in spanish xD

Awesome! I like your paintings more than the originals(who doesn't) Got all the shiny medals :D (didn't use walkthrough, I saw the button when I finished it Q_Q) Anyway, nice work!

Love this Game! I'll put this game on my favs <3

I don't think I played the previous entries. Yeah, it's rare to find a game where I haven't played the previous installments. I don't think this is really helped by the fact that my mom paints. She doesn't really look at a lot of the more well known pictures. There was a time where I was really into paintings.

I still appreciate them. It's great to see these nice and funny art pieces in themselves. They are quite entertaining to just look at. You really don't know what cartoon character is going to show up next. I know Tchwaikosky wasn't a painter.

Congratulations; this is an original point and click game that stands above the rest. The music was good, and quite frankly I felt pressured to make choices at times in an otherwise unlimited time environment - great work here. Also, the fact it uses original art that is not symmetrical, but is still aesthetically pleasing despite looking more random than most - is testament to your skill as an artist. The multiple choice element was great, and the fact this is based on historical paintings through the use of parody is even better - we learn something as we play and we want to play it again to find the right answers. The medal ranks are also pretty sweet sounding and I'd wager I will play again to get more.

Bottom line; all my five are belong to this.