Reviews for "FamousPaintings Parodies3"

Awesome, I've played all of them at the moment and I really like them because I love art and it's really nice I can actually see how good I know my paintings, so I think I did pretty good with a score of 26... I think? ;p

That pipe one i knew because it were a parody picture in a newspaper in Denmark, it was named "If Margeritte was from the ghetto" and shows a crackpipe instead :D

Perfect just perfect.I like the art i like the music i like evrything in this game.I hope there will be more episodes about it because this is just great how the great art have been turned to the best quessing game ever :D

GJ ! :D
I thought stonehedge was a parody of Hundertwasser. xD

This is Awesumm. I'm Speechless