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Reviews for "Eddsworld Animation Test"

Wow this is really good :D.
Hey, do you and me want to start a series like eddsworld but with another name?
I tried to make one called "Logansworld"
We will make our own account on youtube and upload monthly X)
Please respond.Btw what did you use to draw? A Wacom?Not the program.
I already know the program, "Macromedia Flash 8"
I enjoyed the animaton because it was smooth :D

this is awesome

It could be interesting if it were a series and stuff.

FaKanza responds:

Eddsworld is a series, check out Fun Dead on YouTube...

Really nice work :)

Yeah, mp4 often messes with the colours unfortunately aha. Apart from that, the animation was great. The lip-syncing in particular was superb. I can't wait to see more of your own content in the future, because I definitely believe you have the potential to make really great things!

FaKanza responds:

Thanks I appreciate the kind words. I love doing lipsync I believe it's what I'm best at, at the moment as well as making clean lines. I have some scripts written for parodies and things like that nothing like an ongoing series since I'm not great at creative writing. However I do have some stuff planned for this year, so fingers crossed!

Very nice mate, only thing I'd change is the way the red filter effect shows and make some of the tweens less 'tweeny'.

I'll talk to you later on skype about it. Nice lines, nice work :D

FaKanza responds:

Thanks man c: Some of the colours are different in this version too, no idea why.