Reviews for "nemesis tryout"

Nice one dude! I could never animate like that in a million years!

I always get chills when I hear that song play! Solid animation, Everything works very well. If I had to say one thing that could be improved is with the FX. The particles look great, but that flares in the animation could uses a little tweaking to really bring it all together.

Great job on this

Man I love how you made such a combos.
Keep it up Leo.

Awesomely animated, but the first thing I noticed was that the music was ripped from Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan used this music because it was epic, and in this video, it's STILL epic, so if other people give you crap about it, know that this music was a good choice.

I have to agree with SpankyG the music did distract a bit too much. I do hope you continue though because that was an awesome fight. I am very intrigued to find out more about clan nemesis