Reviews for "nemesis tryout"

Woo, that was intense! Started thinking about how it must be a lot of work just to sync all of those sound effects. Fast-paced animation, varied action; plenty of length to the fight. It's great, and has pretty pompous music to back it up as well. Scythe part's got to be a favorite, really fluent fighting style on that one. Keep it going!


Man I love how you made such a combos.
Keep it up Leo.

I always get chills when I hear that song play! Solid animation, Everything works very well. If I had to say one thing that could be improved is with the FX. The particles look great, but that flares in the animation could uses a little tweaking to really bring it all together.

Great job on this

I know little about animations, but here's my perspective on what I can see...

The animation itself is very smoothly framed, and lacks distraction from any of that perspective. With smoothness, there was a bit of a lack of detail (but of course, it presents its style to a good extent). To specify, the background. The background was very interesting in that it seemed to be something that was made with a different intention than for this animation. Other topics of interest would be the camerawork. The panning of the camera around the animation makes it very interesting as it follows, but it never quite comes too close to the action, as if there's a minimization of angles. (Perhaps this is due to a perspective based on a small animation screen; I might not be seeing the animation in its full glory.) The detail on your weaponry is put to a slight waste, in my opinion. An interesting thing to look at is the weaponry itself as it goes about. Now, to mention your "camera" again, I will say that it does do a great job in leading the eyes, however. Along with your very flashy contact and special (magic, if I may say) bursts, it works well. At some point, however, the view went below a gradient that had been made for the floor. Purposeful? I'm not quite sure. Meanwhile, there were a lot of things that went on with that animation. Surely, a deal of work and time was put into this. Correct me if I'm wrong. Yet, the speed of what's going on within it might be a bit too fast to catch on. Slowing it down might be a thing to do; if so, then I feel that there could be many more improvements made on extending the animation in its wholesome (not just what I've mentioned, but more of your own ideas). All in all, it's a jumble of skill that's packed into a space that I think is limited (not just from an ideological perspective). There is potential for improvement in it, which is why I have taken half of a star off of my initial rating of 4/5.
Good work friend, and good luck with Clan Nemesis.

P.S. Music choice was interesting. An Attack on Titan OST. The speed of the animation fit well, but it collided with your physical clashing sounds. You know what they say... The Attack on Titan OP (Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen) goes with everything. It's the new Guile Theme. I don't have any qualms with what you've put on it already though.

I have to agree with SpankyG the music did distract a bit too much. I do hope you continue though because that was an awesome fight. I am very intrigued to find out more about clan nemesis