Reviews for "Dark"

Very interesting story! This is amazing! There are some bugs though. You still deserve 5 stars.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks! I've fixed a couple bugs now :)

i like dark

JackAstral responds:


sometimes i think that your games are maybe based on real life things or is just that you read so much sad movies/books/etc
because most of your games are sad and had a hidden message on them and while time is passing some of them can be mixed together

The game was great actually if i were that man i would forgive myself for doing that i mean he was drunk it was not his intention to kill his baby, so sad that his and her baby had died

Holy shit. This is the deepest game I've ever played. I understood who this person was. In this game, I became him. Without knowing anything else but a slight backstory... This game is the 5 stages of Grief...

I love the fact that you went into each stage of Death and morning. It was beautiful. And I truly got a feel for "The Monster".