Reviews for "Dark"

The game is not challenging (unless you are a dumbass like me)

JackAstral responds:

lol I don't think it is either. Each level should only really take 2 minutes.

Thanks for playing!

Hardly a challenge and the story isn't all that enticing. The plan was great but the deployment was dreadful in that respect. I had quit the first few minutes of the game, so I don't exactly know if it gets better, so I'll give the game the benefit of the doubt.

Despite earning the second place trophy, I dislike the text used to indicate the mysterious persona and yourself, bold and plain in the supposedly dark atmosphere. The sense of foreboding is practically non-existent and the scorches of blindness serves as a mere annoyance as you can merely wait it out or, due to the simplicity of the design, do it without sight.

Although I had stated my dislikes of this game, I thoroughly enjoyed the character used. Its confusion and slight foreshadowing for things to come, though the mystery was fairly predictable. Its design is changing from time to time, releasing the standard, static character. The platforms are all clones but still showing good promise.

My favorite part, however, is its crisp look. The format is stunning for me, though not comparable to experienced creators, and a pro in my book. The words are jumbled together in my perspective, the title pages cliche but still wonderful in some aspects. Your design isn't perfect but nor is it excessively flawed.


JackAstral responds:

Thanks- I'll keep working to become better.

The game led off interesting but confusing, I always thought the Kübler-Ross model ( 5 stages of Grief/Death) Happens when you are dieing and want to go in these stages of Denial,Anger,Bargaining,Depression and Acceptance, because when I was playing the game. I noticed the titles of the Chapters So I Assumed I was dieing and doing something i regret (murdering) and but I was confused because i Looked like a ghost and thought i was already dead and going through a Limbo like hell about something i did, but which i was confused Via the Kübler-Ross model, that happens when your alive, so I am going to guess that was your conscience guiding yourself to acceptance of what have you done and will have to face your consequences about murdering *her* the 5 stages you demostrated in the game from the text were spot on, of how someone would act if they are dieing or paying the ultimate price.

The Music was nice and went well with the gameplay, the ambience gave it that creepy filling and that crying! scared me, was not expecting that type of sound to play over the stereo, and the ending was mind blowing cause I did not expect it at all, I wont say due to me spoilering the game, but the story was pretty good, some game mechanics were a little buggy and glad you had that checkpoints in the game, or i would have rage quited a long time ago. But over all! did a good job and was a very interesting game!

Did a Let's Play


We stopped at Chapter 3! but the game was really cool!

JackAstral responds:

That's rad man, cool lets play! Yup, the game is based on the 5 levels of grief/loss.

Thanks for playing + reviewing.

The gameplay, I thought, was pretty bad. In particular the lack of constant checkpoints was annoying. When I'm playing a game such as this, I don't want to read every sentence twenty times over on account of dieing and having to pass the same section again, it takes the edge off.

The laser hitboxes seemed to extend to the platforms they were emanating from, I don't know if this was intentional but it didn't seem intuitive.

It might have been a nice addition to have the newly introduced elements have some relation to the subject matter (e.g. flames for anger, I dunno).

As for the story, the first two-three chapters felt very inorganic. The fourth chapter felt like the best chapter to me, especially since I saw the plottwist coming from a mile away (aka, most of chapter five).

Personally, I felt like the guide thing person was a right prick. He's constantly hammering about you being a horrible person and that you'll ''never escape this place'', yet advocating for you to move on.

All in all, the game was okay. Nothing to write home about. If you'd fix some of the glaring gameplay issues it'd be an easy 3/3.5 stars.

JackAstral responds:

Good points, thanks for the detailed review. I'll work on those things in my future projects!

What a great message: Don’t fight to redeem yourself, just accept your sins and your punishment, because you can never atone for them no matter how hard you try.

Gameplay-wise, there's not a whole lot to say. My complaints are everyone else's complaints; the checkpoint system has bugs, the moving platforms don't work the way they should, and the fading to black every few seconds was a terrible idea.

JackAstral responds:

lol that's kinda true. I am working on a much improved sequel though- the idea, and message are all developed a lot further.

I actually coded the moving platforms like that on purpose to make it harder. People seemed to reallyyyyy hate the idea though :b