Reviews for "Dark"

Not bad, but I dont get how accepting what you have done can make you escape the darkness, acceptance does not come with free redemption, not even free self redemption. Also, I dont know if it was intentional, but the character kind of blends with the platforms and gets stuck there as if they were sticky

It's easy, which it's meant to be. But it's an interesting little dark story in the mind of some twisted being. I enjoyed playing it, if only to gather the easy points for medals. Bwahahah..

Not bad. :)

I liked it: I thought the ending could use a bit more elaboration (examining how the acceptance leads to the capacity for forgiveness), and gameplay wise, I thought the moving platforms were a mistake: rather than being challenging, I felt they leaned more towards tediousness - especially when you just missed one, and had to wait ten or fifteen seconds to respawn, falling slowly.

Nonetheless, overall it's an excellent project.

First Impressions
The music is terrible, the controls are clunky, and the writing is... odd. This game feels like it's the first one you made. Try again.

A basic platformer a spooky circling musing, flashing lights and a black filter does not make a good game. You are not challenging yourself by making such a simplistic game and expect us to be disturbed, countless people did the same before you did. This is nothing special at all. The more you're trying to build an atmosphere the more I can see how lazy those controls are. A game is an experience, if the gameplay cant stomach the story why should I care making a little ghost made in 10 seconds on MSpaint go through some basic platforming ? Why should I care if you dont even seem to care about the game you're making? Put some effort into it. For shame.

JackAstral responds:

It's not for everyone. Thanks for trying it out anyway.