Reviews for "Dark"

The story is compelling, and the theme is dark and suspenseful; in that aspect, it's very good.

However: the constant blinking and loss of visual makes it very frustrating, especially with so many moving platforms. I think if you want to keep it dark and dim like this that there are potentially better options out there, such as a "flashlight," etc.

Still a rather decent game. Great job! :)

I found the game to be interesting. I do have to say that the checkpoints were a bit frustrating when you had none for a bit then you see two literally back to back in a few spaces of blocks. also the lasers were annoying since you could be touching the landing pad for them and survive and think you were fine but after two more blasts you would die. Story was ok though it could have been more interesting. Over all it was a decent game.

This game was okay. The lighting effects increased the challenge of a simple game. I did not enjoy the story at all, and was actually predictable. All The medals did work. BTW, the medals should be worth more points 25 or 50.

I look forward to your next project.

Good, simple methodical gameplay, though a little too easy for me. The jumping felt a bit unreliable on edges of things and I don't think you were meant to be able to slide into blocks from the side with your waist under the floor, so that may be a bug. The story was nice to follow, and the blackouts the only main challenge, and they worked well with the predictable gameplay. The story was nice, though quite simple.
I liked the horizontal line bisections as well, and the character was nicely animated but the whole game was fairly simplistic, in a good way, but that made it somewhat limited.
A nice game to play once for a while, but not really with any replayability.

eh, nothing too new or interesting

the narrative was bland and predictable, the gameplay was more a test of patience than a test of skill, many placed just becoming tedious. The level design didn;t really match up well with teh pace of the story trying to be told.

wasn't really an enjoyable experience overall, and the ending medal makes no sense to say the least.

Ultimately just another slapped together monochromic indie project trying to emulate the feel of limbo without really understanding the artistry behind it.