Reviews for "Dark"

I completed the game!

This game is awesome!

This is a very interesting game, the plot is what kept it going, but the conveyance was a bit jaded, The timing between platforms would be bearable if not for the interference between each one ( the monsters, the lazes) would almost be perfectly timed so you couldn't progress until an arrhythmia effect would happen. I did like the look and feel of the game, but I feel the Fade in and out gimmick kinda interfered more than it was giving us a intended effect. you can leave it out and it would still be the same game.

The plot however was intriguing enough to keep playing and the it was satisfying when we were able to progress, I know its a flash game and I shouldn't be judging harshly, but I feel this could have been worth another star if it wasn't for the fade effect interfering so much. otherwise...

It was a interesting and kept my attenion going none the less.

on one platform in the last one acceptance...near i grabbed a gun thing there a platform that has a laser on it and i couldn't see the moving platform next to it it was not in the frame view sooo i kept dieing ....but when i made it to the end o m g ...the baby crying scared the living shit out of me.
i think its was great but ...story was a bit weak ...just because after he confesses then what?that's i accept my death i am a monster ...no earning redemption ?

second he did walk in on his wife cheating probably in his bed to. it wasnt all his fault he reacted like eny normal human being would have.he freaked out thinking he was being a great dad and good man and got screwed.it probably wasn't even his.which with his impaired state would have resulted in such. honesty i feel for him ... and i think with his confession at the end should have resulted in Resurrection as punishment sense he did want to die. have him be deny the thing he wants most...

i know allot of spelling errors but its 1 am)

This is an interesting take on an avoider-platformer. The switching in the dark frames gives this game a unique 'challenge'. Speaking of challenge, this game doesn't have too much of one, but it's got some parts that can give the player fits. One weakness that the game has is leaving the player with a 'get on with it' mentality. There are some moving platforms that you have to wait a good while to get to, which leads to an unnecessary idling. The plot twist at the end was expected as of Chapter 3, so the ending where there is a build-up to the confession is kind of a let-down.

Overall, not a bad game at all. Good for a quick playthrough.

The story is somewhat bland but can be enjoyed.
My character and the enemies morped the whole time between two states. as if there was a Transformaion-Tween on them that didn't behave. I don't know if this was intentional or not, but it was very annoying.
Leveldesign is rather misleading as there are often uncertain jumps and too many moving platforms. The platforms and the blinking light don't work well together.

All in all nothing new or outstanding.