Reviews for "Dark"

Very nicely done! Even when I figured I knew the story, I was interested in the guy's progression enough to keep me playing. That's a fine job in and of itself.
On that note, DAMN, I did NOT see that plot twist coming. Yeesh. Absolutely morbid. Love it.
The music is nice - it more kinda falls into the background and sets the mood for the game. Makes a wonderful atmosphere, it really does.
The checkpoints were creepy! You've got that atmosphere going!
The gameplay could've been a little different, and the gameplay would've been better but the story really wouldn't have been. Yes, it did admittedly get annoying waiting for each platform, then having to move with it, and often falling off when it was obscured in darkness. But then again, the darkness is pretty symbolic, I think - the game's named "Dark" for a reason. We are actively exploring the darkness in this guy's past, his heart, and his mind. It makes sense that the dark would give him difficulties - everything's coming from dark places here. Ease of gameplay versus story, and story is the support beam of the entire game, so I think you made the right choice with what you did.
I think that covers it... Great idea, great execution. Pun totally intended. You've got yourself a new subscriber, my friend. :3

I vivid visual depiction of the grieving process and the experience of navigating it. The climb and the struggle of a murderer's conscience to grasp the reality of what they have done. It also does a good job at depicting how the mind rationalizes our actions and devalues or belittles empathy for others in it's struggle to deny what they have done. A man who has committed an inconceivable act, trapped in his own mind. His own mind's tormenting self-prison of consciousness in reflection upon the terrifying act he has committed. How does one come to terms with reality that they have committed an action so terrible that the action it's self becomes their new identity?
There is no bargaining, no going back on what we've done. I can't help but wonder how many people are sitting jail cells around the country having the same mental pursuit going on in their own minds and what unspeakable acts they have committed? -and those who are yet to be caught?

Pretty Awesome Game :D

So far so good, like the game.

It´s game with very interesting story, but the waiting for platforms (and sometimes falling and spawning at bad checkpoints) is little bit annoying.