Reviews for "Dark"

It's not exactly what cost one and half a star but I'm detecting a pattern on your games here, they are just stories with a few gameplay contents, exploiting that you could make any story be fully heard by people, grabbing their attention and maybe making it feel like they had part in it.
The real problem is mechanics.
Hitboxes should be tight and nice therefore the shapeshifting thing the player controls is not a suitable main unit, and also, the beam things should not have deadly bases when active, since you can pass through those when deactivated and it really tricks people(not in good way)
Jumping is bad, the player should always fall faster than rise (gravity 101) and momentum is meaningless here, but if you ever do a platformer where you aren't in a surreal, dark and flashing place and in more realistic situations instead, be sure to take that into account.
+add some way to keep the player over the platforms without having to walk, flashing is already enough trouble.
Thanks for the game.

It was very emotional, not really deep, hard because of the mechanics. Still I didn't expect the twist at the end... its pretty disgusting. I had to down rate for that.

I'll have to agree with pink here. One concrete example of annoying mechanics is how a kill-beam base will kill you even though it's supposed to be harmless. Only the kill-beam should be able to kill you.

Decent storyline but very annoying mechanics.

This is deep... Good job at making this game.