Reviews for "Dark"

woah it's good man

Platformer + intense story. Nice!

I actually played the second part of this game first. Whoops! Though this game was just as enjoyable. But anyway, I only have a few bones to pick on this one.. First, even if moving the character and progressing through the stages (haha! I totally caught on with the dealing with grief thing.) was easy enough, some parts of the acceptance chapter (#5) were frustratingly difficult. At one point, it was very hard to avoid one monster, dodge one shortly after landing on the small platform above, then jump over another in front of that one; even if it was possible after ten or so tries from the checkpoint. But otherwise, the moving monsters were okay to maneuver around. I absolutely hated the gameplay part leading up to the "killed who?"/"y-you know who" part. So difficult! (Or maybe it was just me. And also that I guess the final level should be challenging anyway..) Also, one of the things I like about these types of games and your take on it is how as I play, I can read the text on the walls before/after landing.. Well, for (probably another part in the last two or so chapters) it was impossible to read the dialogue AND jump to the next platform. If I didn't react, I'd kill the character. If I jumped, I'd miss a part of the story.. Not too much of a big deal because I managed to read it instead of surviving, but it's a little annoying. Overall, wonderful game, and I like how you set up the "stages of grief" for the story.

This game was amazing. The character looked like a crab to me, CRAB MURDER! over all fun game. The moving to stay on the platforms is a great thing to use for ghosts because they dont physically touch the ground and the checkpoints are really cool too. The only hazards are lazers ghost creatures and falling, i think a shooting enemy would be a nice addition, but its you game. The level names are the five stages of grief. Have a great day!

From: That Creepy Gamer

Good game !