Reviews for "Beyond Lightspeed"

Not bad fun but easy only problem is that sometimes I got hit when I'm pretty sure that it missed me.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Ya, one probable reason is because when everything is too fast optical illusions are created... In future I will work on trying to reduce such instances.

Wow, all these comments and not one mention of Ludicrous Speed? I couldn't help but think of it when I saw the description on the front page.

Getting down to the actual review, I found the game pretty enjoyable, and a decent difficulty. The biggest problem that I found was that the ship was a bit too bulky, if you left it in the middle of the screen, and that made it hard to see incoming asteroids. For the most part, staying at the bottom proved to be the most effective strategy, and I encountered a lot fewer down at the bottom than if I were to stay in the middle or the top. I was able to reach incredibly high speeds, doing so.

Overall, a pretty solid game.

This is honestly, one of the most fun games on Newgrounds I've played in a long time. I'm seriously impressed. But do you think you could add the option to invert the directional keys. I'm so used to hitting W or Up to descend, and S or Down to ascend, as thats how it is in most games when you're in flight, so very commonly playing your game, i flew right into an asteroid when i was trying to avoid it.

But its still a great game. I had a lot of fun playing it. In fact, the above is just a personal preference, and the lack thereof inverted controls, isn't gonna stop me from giving you the full five stars.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Thanks LordKieta!!! And yes, someone mentioned it before, and I will definitely add the invert option, in either the next installment of the game, or my next 3D flight game.

I had fun playing this game. The controls are straightforward, and the concept of being able to travel at light-speed is wonderful.

One thing I'm finding easy about the game is that I can slow down by letting go of the accelerator. This makes it pretty easy to simply cruise at a slow speed and recharge shields indefinitely. This means it's never dangerous to speed up and try to break my last speed record because I can safely do so at 100 shields every time. However it's insanely hard to keep building up speed for a long time due to the inability to dodge meteors at those insane speeds. I agree with those asking for mouse control rework. My keyboard sucks and I actually should be playing with joy2key so that I can turn up and left while accelerating. Currently this control gets locked while holding either acceleration button.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Good to receive feedback that there are instances of keyboard-locking problems. I will put extra focus on diversifying controls...

Slowing down is a good idea and I think you're the first commenter to talk about / realize this! But then, sometimes, going super fast for just a while can be equal to slow cruising for quite some time... it's a risk:reward thing that was designed into the game. So, yes, there is some sort of a balance, and a speed strategy to use to achieve the longest distance travelled.

Anyway thanks for the review and you deserve some kudos!! :)