Reviews for "Beyond Lightspeed"

That was pretty good. Played hard mode right of the bat, hit about 273 and a ton of zero's for speed (Said I was near lightspeed, but it was 800 something), and seemed to have made it far.

Game was fine for difficulty, and I felt like a complete badass ducking and weaving through stuff, but the little glowing power-up things were a tad bit difficult to get.

One thing I'm finding easy about the game is that I can slow down by letting go of the accelerator. This makes it pretty easy to simply cruise at a slow speed and recharge shields indefinitely. This means it's never dangerous to speed up and try to break my last speed record because I can safely do so at 100 shields every time. However it's insanely hard to keep building up speed for a long time due to the inability to dodge meteors at those insane speeds. I agree with those asking for mouse control rework. My keyboard sucks and I actually should be playing with joy2key so that I can turn up and left while accelerating. Currently this control gets locked while holding either acceleration button.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Good to receive feedback that there are instances of keyboard-locking problems. I will put extra focus on diversifying controls...

Slowing down is a good idea and I think you're the first commenter to talk about / realize this! But then, sometimes, going super fast for just a while can be equal to slow cruising for quite some time... it's a risk:reward thing that was designed into the game. So, yes, there is some sort of a balance, and a speed strategy to use to achieve the longest distance travelled.

Anyway thanks for the review and you deserve some kudos!! :)

There is little way to tell exactly where the asteroids are on the screen, and the hitbox is a LOT larger than the ship picture. Nice try, but im sticking to the missile games.

josh-tamugaia responds:

Well, with the little budget that I have to squeeze in a 3D (or nearly 3D) mini game, I obviously cannot please anyone. And I had to focus on the main purpose of creating a game which is the fun factor. It is 100% playable and lightspeed CAN be achieved, even on hard mode, despite the asteroids. Some people may dislike the game, but some people do feel the thrill, suspense and fun. I respect your opinion and thanks for stopping by ;)

Pretty good for what it's worth. I feel like the hitbox is too big for the spaceship, and there isn't much reason to sink alot of time into this.

Reading the title I was hoping for something that might delve into the world of relativity alas not today. Either way the game was overall a good game, nothing special about it but nothing really bad about it either. Not much replayability for myself, maybe try to add some sort of objective system or upgrading system to increase the playtime?