Reviews for "Beyond Lightspeed"

i liked it but i hated the "hitbox" i feel it so bigger than i can't see if i really will hit an asteroid but in general i liked

PD: i would love to see a game starfox like with that graphics xD seems so nice

I liked it mostly but here are a few things that would make it more fun in my opinion. The first of which is the ship movement feels really sluggish which makes it frustrating when trying to avoid asteroids, they come on fast but the ship doesn't move fast enough. The second thing I would add is more power-ups, i.e, weapons and shield upgrades. Maybe also add more stages/levels so it feels like there is more of a point besides just racing past light-speed (which is physically impossible but hey). anyway, I liked the game but could use some improvements. 4/5.

the collision hulls are a bloody mess. Also, beeing able to see shield upgrades through asteroids makes u think they are actually in front of them, making you rush into asteroids at times. Honestly, i d rather get my good old Gamecube out and play sum lylat wars instead, sorry :/

Add an enemy or a sun eruptio or something behind you to force the player to go at a minimum speed or be consumed.

Add Asteroids moving slowly sideways, up and down, and of course crooked.

Reduce the overall amount of asteroids we encounter at low speed, else we never dare to go to fast at all.

The controls could also go with a mouse pointing, where the ship would follow the mouse cursors position. I would prefer that instead wasd keyboard. Thrust could be done with first mouse button.

Let us collect hyper beam charges (which would actually be faster than light, too) to eradicate asteroids in emergency situations.

The fast-paced turning of asteroids makes it hard to determine how far away an asteroid actually is when it s still further away, because its pixle-size increases and decreases too fast. Let them rotate much slower.

Add regions to fly through. There could be regions with poor sight due to space dust or sunrays blending you, Regions with more and with less asteroids, so u got points where you actually CAN go really, really fast, regions with smaller and some with larger asteroids. And, of course, an announcer who tells you which region comes next. The long-distance-radar will be your new best friend.

Add Planets which affect the gravity - you will be torn to their direction, making it harder to move in one direction and easier into another. Their effect should not suddenly be there, but slowly approach while they come in sight, and then slowly fade out while they are already long out of sight.

Of course, again, you are the only person in the world who survives - NOT. Others trying to make the same escape route as you do will be in the way and have to be evaded (although they are slower approaching than the asteroids, because they are going the same direction as you. But, they will move around, which again makes it harder to foresee their actions.), and some of them are even charging in faster than you from behind - again, our long range radar could give us a warning of incoming ships here.

That s all in ideas from me for now, happy programming :D

Now that was fun. Obviously more additional power ups would give the game more feel. Reminds me a lot of the old Star Wars games, but this one is definitely a casual game to try. :)

I found this to be a fairly okay game. I guess it didn't help that I didn't seem to be really going anywhere. I will say that I appreciate seeing my speed and distance. I don't know if that's scientifically accurate. Reminds me of those cartoons with that name. The graphics were in fact decent.

It did not help that I couldn't collect any of the orbs. It didn't seem to have much going on with no upgrades or anything. I mean, there wasn't anything too awful about it. It's just not something I like. If you want to look at something mediocre, check this out.