Reviews for "Bowmaster Winter Storm"

I followed this game when i played bowmaster 1 and 2 --> after months later i found his site and played whilst it was in alpha. It's a great game.

Very good game in my opinion. Love it.

Love the game....keep doin what youre doin!

one of the best bowmaster games untill now, i've been playing your games for years! please dont stop this =]

a good archery type game, not many problems

headshots are hard to hit even when enemies are close-changing hitboxes might help
too many enemies at one time, i played on normal and the first level was a bit tricky
trees get in the way sometimes
sometimes the aiming on your character sort of spasms every couple of shots

a proper tutorial to show players the meanings of all the stuff on-screen
less enemies in each level or less health on enemies
different types of bows with different effects and something else to go with this would be enchanting as this is a fantasy game

lostvector responds:

Great feedback! Thanks for playing my game!